Dear all, following is the details of tentative & agenda for our ExCom meeting tomorrow :

πŸ“ Date : 31/07/2021 (Saturday)

πŸ“ Time : 9.30 am - 11.30am

πŸ“ link :

Meeting agenda :

πŸ“‹ Previous MOM endorsement

πŸ“‹ Recognition & Update from IEEE MALAYSIA SECTION

πŸ“‹ IEEE SMC Activities 


πŸ“‹ IEEE SMC Technical WORKSHOP - discussion

πŸ“‹ IEEE Student Chapter - Brainstorming session

πŸ“‹ FYP award 2021

πŸ“‹ TCS ( UNIMY- Helmy)

πŸ“‹ Chapter Facebook & Website

πŸ“‹ Chapter ExCom Official Jacket

πŸ“‹ Any other business

TQ and see you all tomorrow